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23/12/2014 - A couple of great tips from Lone Angler's Facebook

Bait dropper with cork

Lost Bait Droppers

How many times have you lost a bait dropper because the company making them can’t be bothered to use a small piece of cork to hold your hook?, I don’t know how many I have lost through companies using a small square of what looks like hardboard it’s virtually impossible to get a decent hook hold. I have solved the problem by using a small slice of cork from wine bottle cork then use some araldite to attach the cork on top of the hardboard. It works perfectly as you can see.

Problem with Spinning Reels

With the growth of anglers using centre pin reels I thought I would let you know a simple idea that stops you having over runs when moving from swim to swim when the line gets caught on reeds twigs etc. It’s an idea my grandfather showed me when I was about 6 years old. In those days granddad used a piece on cycle inner tube, today I just ask my postman for a few elastic bands. See the photo below which is self-explanatory...




Centre pin reel shown rubber band in place

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