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16/03/2017 - A Disappointing End to the Season

On the banks of the River Beult

March 14th has come and gone, personally it’s the worst season I can remember, I didn’t have a single session fly fishing as I was so unsteady on my feet. Along with dizzy sessions as I tried to cast a fly, making it dangerous to be standing in the river or close to the waters edge. I’ve also had fewer days at the waterside, less fish than in other years; thankfully I’ve several friends to get me out to the waterside. The highlight were my few days on the Wye, but my greatest pleasure with the help of Dave Hurst was going back in time to fish the River Beult, with tackle I used in the 50’s, see picture It was great watching a red tipped quill float slowly submerge then catching another “Goer Roach” I’ve not had the chance of fishing the Kennet, the first time since 1954.I did enjoy my short trip the River Soar thanks to Brendan Ince and Mark Surul. My problem has been shingles on the right side of my head also part of my face which has affected the vision in my right eye. I would say to everyone, if you’re under the age of 70 pay out £125-00 for an injection, over 70’s you get it free. I’ve now had the problems for 12 months with the chance I could have it for the rest of my days.

An Attack by Wasps

I can best describe the effect of shingles attacks which often happen 8-10 times during the day and night, as being attacked by a swarm of wasps, the pain on the right side of my face, is I best describe like someone gently rubbing area with stinging nettles. Yes, I have pain killers which partially help control the pain but don’t help the poor vision in my right eye. Having MS means I have a low immune system with shingles my immune system is even lower.

Missed out on the Thames and Kennet

I should have been on the River Thames on Friday 10th March with Colin Culley that had to be aborted, thankfully Colin and his friends enjoyed some good chub fishing while I sat at home twiddling my thumbs, I also missed out on the following 2 days fishing the Kennet. I did have the pleasure of seeing my friend Brendan catch a nice brace of chub on his MK1V Avon just before the end of the season. Recently I paid a “King’s Ransom” for an early octogenarian birthday present of an Andrew Davies Kennet Perfection, though I’ve not had much chance of using it, I do sit in my study and drool over the fine workmanship, later on I will receive from Paul Cook my Oliver’s carp rod which he is refurbishing, these finely built cane rods are like having a fine painting on the wall. I live in hope that by by June 16th, the shingle will have gone enabling me to once again fish as often as I like.


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