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10/07/2017 - An Early Morning Session

All the tackle I needed

An Early Morning Session

This morning I was up as the cock crowed, looking through the window I could see in the direction eastern sky that it was various shades of pink with lots of breaks in the clouds, after a mug of tea with a slice of dripping toast, Meg the black Labrador and myself with rod, reel and landing net in hand crept slowly around the eastern bank heading to the west bank which was receiving the warm rays of sunshine, I think it was the late Dick Walker who said "Carp head for the western bank to catch the first rays of the warm sunshine". How right he was. I had no bivvy, stove, ruck bag or trolley, neither was I fishing for carp with a name, except Common, the Mirror or Leather they are known as King carp

Several Carp Were Tight To The Bank

As I looked down the eastern bank through my binoculars I spotted several double figure carp close to the bank just sunning themselves, I doubt if they were more than a foot away in about six feet of water. Thankfully I had a bed of reeds between me and the fish, baiting the size 8 hook with a piece of flake torn from a 2 day old loaf I dunked it in the water for some added weight then got down on hands and knees, slowly creeping along behind the reeds until I felt I was in line with my adversary, I slowly lifted my head then peered through the top of the reeds, two carp were inches away, with the bait close to the top ring I slowly pushed the rod so a foot of the top joint was over the water then lowered the bait down onto the surface which is easily controlled with a centre pin reel. I was eyeball to eyeball with a mirror carp as it looked at the flake, A heron flew low over the pool, no doubt looking for one of the young moorhen chicks for an early breakfast, I thought the carp might spook, thankfully they didn't, I sat with bated breath a beating heart willing the fish to take the bait, fifteen twenty minutes went bye, the fish then moved forward a few inches, again it stopped, a minute or so later it moved forward again then nudged the bait.

Hook Up

Suddenly without warning it turned half circle slurping down the bait, I didn't need to lift the rod, as the fish turned with the bait it hooked itself, as there was just a small amount of slack line, the water erupted in a shower of spray with bits of weed, the other fish bolted in panic. The rod bent over as the reel grudgingly gave line, I was now fighting this fish on my terms. After a struggle for about five minutes I had the fish beaten and in the net.

A Double Figure Mirror Carp

Gentle leaning the rod on the reeds I grabbed the net with both hands then lifted net and fish onto the weigh mat, parting the mesh to find a mirror carp around 14lbs, sliding the hook out I lowered the net back in the water, while I got scales and weigh bag, it weighed 15 lbs 6 ounces after some pics we watched it swim off sedately. Another good short session. Time to feed the dog, give it a good walk and swim in the pool before I had a shower then some breakfast.












The rod takes on its battle curve

15 lb 6 ounce mirror carp

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