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21/03/2018 - The Making of a Centre Pin

Colinís reel


The Making of a Centre Pin “The Beult”

On my latest angling trip to the Thames with my friend Colin Culley I was shown a centre pin reel, which had been made for Colin by Leszek Deląg. It really is an amazing piece of engineering, the quality and beauty of this reel wouldn’t look out of place in a top Bond street jewellers, without doubt the finest I have seen. As I looked at the reel, my mind went back to the famous Alcocks Coxon Aerial, with its amazing wooden back plate. I then thought, I would have to have one for my roach fishing that would be the perfect match to my cane “Perfection Roach”. Of course as it was for roach fishing, I wanted the name of “Rutilus rutilus” the Latin name for “The Roach” sadly that name has been used, after doing a survey among friends, I eventually chose the name of a favourite river “The Beult” where I have so many memories of pleasant days along with some memorable catches. Over the next few months I will keep you up to date with the progress of “The Beult”








A selection of Turkish walnut and rosewood from which the back plate will be made.

Some of the metal which will be incorporated, of course there is a lot of machining to do on it first.

Itís now all shaped and stuck together, ready for first stage of turning.

shows the metal which will form the line drum.

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