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29/07/2020 - Float and Flake

Wednesday morning 29th July I was up and about at 0600 hrs, I had an appointment for a haircut at 0900 hrs then the opticians at 1030 hrs, today I chose to fish the swim I’d fished on Sunday for chub. My plan of action was to fish bread flake in the hope I could get a better class of fish than I did when fishing wheat or corn. I had a fresh loaf of bread, also some mashed bread I’d taken from the freezer the evening before. My tackle was a 14 foot Acolyte matched with Classic Avon centre pin ready made up in its rod slip, all I had to do was change the size 12 hook to a size 8 hook, then adjust the shotting pattern, having fished the river under very similar conditions I set the float at just under 4 feet then run the float through, I was more than happy with the depth. I started off feeding a walnut size lump of mashed bread every cast for the first twenty or more minutes and see what happened. I also had a strong upstream wind which gave me excellent conditions for working the float downstream. The light conditions alternated between dull and over cast to occasionally bright sunshine often for around ten minutes then thankfully it returned to the dull conditions

Better size Chub Were Happy To Take Bread

On my third cast the float travelled about four yards then dipped, soon I netted a chub of around a pound, In the next hour I caught 11 chub all around the pound mark Several chub were around a pound and a half, in excellent condition, I did notice the chub fed better under the over cast sky than when the sun was shining which didn’t surprise me. Occasionally I would try a cube of crust, but I didn’t notice any difference in the size of the chub. As I bent down to throw in some ground bait, I noticed a large worm which I decide to use as bait, at the end of the swim the float dipped sharply pulling the rod tip downwards was so savage the take, after a very thrilling scrap I eventually landed a brown trout around 3lbs. I’m not sure how many chub I caught but it must have been a least thirty plus at 1330 hrs I decided I’d had enough packed up and returned home, another good session on the float.



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