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13/09/2020 - Another Evening Session

My first chub of the session

Thursday 10th my friend Anthony Morris called me for a chat and to check if I was ok, as we talked I suggested he come across to join me for a fishing session, it was agreed we would fish the next day, He suggested a time, I told him “I was busy, as I’d planned some work to stop the sheep getting into my car park”. Anthony immediately said “I will come and give you a hand then we can have a brew before fishing into the dark” It was agreed he would pick me up and both of us would wear masks. It was certainly a big help having Anthony with me, I find it hard these days putting in six foot fence post, then hammering them in with a heavy rubber sledge hammer. I had the easy job of making a hole for the posts with the crowbar. Anthony done the rest. Within one and a half hours the job was done, we then headed off to the top beat then sat having a brew with a beef roll and mustard each. I then took Anthony on a tour of the fishery asking him “Where do you fancy fishing”? He chose an area where the flow of water flowed quite fast from the far bank to hit the bank on our side then sweeping under some huge beech trees. “That looks a good area” said Anthony so we decide that’s where we would fish. Having thrown in some beef sausage meat balls we headed off to sort out the tackle, also have another brew.

Heavy Rain With Strong Gusting Wind

We both elected to fish Avon action rods with fixed spool reels, Anthony with nylon line, I used my normal braid, we both added two beaded float stops, before tying on a size 4 barbless hook using a Palomar knot, after moulding plasticine round the float stops we cast out a few times as we adjusted the amount of plasticine needed. In my bag I had a loaf of bread, also a cricket size ball of sausage meat. We only needed one landing net ,as we would be sitting under the branches of a large maple tree for some shelter from the rain, Anthony was well protected from the elements, but I had little protection. After baiting our hooks, Anthony bread crust, I chose sausage meat, we both cast out into the flow of fast water then sat holding our rods with the line looped over our forefinger.

Immediate Action

Within five minutes I felt a twitch then another immediately striking, the rod curved over as line was taken, these fish could certainly fight in the fast water. For several minutes I had some fun but I wasn’t worried about losing the fish unless I made a mistake, a couple of minutes later the fish was netted a nice chub, it was unhooked and taken off upstream then released. Anthony said “I spotted the slight movement on the rod tip but didn’t think it was a strikable bite” I explained I usually hit the second touch, sometimes I don’t connect but it’s quite rare. Baiting up I cast out again then resumed the same pose, suddenly Anthony set the hook into the second chub of the session, I picked up the landing net then watched the action, eventually a nice chub was coming towards the net, then it was wrapped in the mesh, Anthony’s first chub from this beat, still the rain hammered down.

Another Good Chub

Despite the heavy rain and strong gusting wind we fished on, I supposed fifteen minutes had gone by when I realised I hadn’t pulled my hood up, as soon as it was over my head I felt a cold rush of water down my back, for some ten minutes I shivered and cursed at my stupidity. Eventually I settled down, my shirt felt cold and clammy on my back but no way was I going to give. Anthony suggested we call it a day, but no way I’ve had to many sessions fishing this year without company, I was going to enjoy his company and chat for the next hour. Being wet wasn't going to stop me, I wanted us to catch more chub. I heard the church clock strike 2100 hrs, as it did so Anthony said let give it ten more minutes then call it a day, within seconds of those word I felt a tremble on the line over my finger. Striking I set the hook into what felt a good chub, this wasn’t a small roach or bream as the fish took line of the spool, some minutes later I had the fish coming towards the net in the torch beam, then it was mine, a lovely silver fish. We were fishing a very tight swim there wasn’t room enough to weigh the fish we caught without moving upstream on a wet steep slippery bank just two feet from the water’s edge. A quick picture then we returned the fish with Anthony saying “That’s a big chub so lets go for a brew” At 2330 hrs I arrived home then disappeared for a hot shower, the end of another good session.

My second chub of the evening

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