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11/08/2022 - Bodle Bros Angling Offer Good Advice and Friendly Service

Mark wants some scissors for cutting braid



Since my daughter and children relocated to the UK from Dubai where the children could get a good education, recently I spent some time angling in East and West Sussex, as early in the year I’d joined two angling clubs with a good selection of Stillwater’s and rivers, including the Sussex Ouse which I’ve fish for over 60 years, not only for the coarse fish species, also the sea trout. The first week of my stay was spent gardening and painting, the following week was for angling.

A Warm Welcome in a Tackle Shop

Over the past three years I’d not been happy with the tackle shop I visited, in every case there was no greeting, when I requested an item of tackle, I was pointed in the direction of the said item, I got the impression they couldn’t be bothered, in one case I asked “How many worms in a tub” I was told “Not sure about 15”.

Later I met a friendly angler at the waterside, as we discussed fishing in general, I asked “If there was a tackle shop with a good service, where I could get some decent lobworms, also advice on angling waters?” I was told try Bodle Bros Angling at Cuckfield road, Burgess Hill RH15 8RE, he also gave me the number to call 01444 247757. Later in the day I called saying “Please do you have any lobworms”, “Sorry sir we will be getting a fresh supply tomorrow, would you like me to give you a call when they are delivered”? “Yes please” I answered.

True to his word I got a call later next day to say the lobs have just been delivered. I was very surprised with the friendly service from the staff, unlike in so many shops where these day you find a group of people gathered around the counter discussing the latest carp fishing news with the manager or owner, while you the prospective customer is left waiting for attention. At Bodle Angling it’s like going back to the past where the customer is dealt with in a friendly fashion, if you ask a question about an item of tackle like I did, I wasn’t pointed in the direction, the sales man or lady would go and collect the said item. My daughter when collecting lobs for me was treated in a friendly way. Sharon remarked to me “How nice it was in the shop compared with the other place we had visited”.

On another occasion my friend Mark needed some gear so I chose to take some photographs with his permission on our visit, he also asked several staff a question or two getting the help he needed. We were both impressed, I also now have a decent place to visit where I can to seek information on the river and still water venues, also I got the impression some of the staff are experienced anglers, who I hope to enjoy a day with on the river in the Autumn.




Mark choosing a selection of floats

Of course Mark needed a rucksack, as Harry checks it out

Some of the staff from Left to Right; Brady, Harry, Julie (Retail Director) and Liam with Mark the happy customer

Harry behind the counter giving Mark some good advice on small stream angling.

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