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15/12/2022 - No Fishing Today - River Iced Over

First stretch


I was a disappointed angler today when I arrived on the river to find most of it iced over from bank to bank, yes there were very small areas of ice free water, no bigger than an average dining room table, sadly these areas were well out in the river, so if I got a bait in the area, then caught a fish it would be lost through the ice cutting the line and a fish left with a hook in its mouth. Not my idea of enjoyment. I must have covered 2 miles looking for an ice free area, but no chance. I did scatter 2 pints of gentles, some sprats, slices of bread along with 3lbs of sunflower hearts, with a dozen fat balls in the branches of trees. Thankfully I had a flask of oxo with some pepper added, which gave me that bit of energy for the long walk home. Having not been able to fish, I did at least leave lots of food for the birds. This weekend after some sleet and snow, forecast for Sunday 5 degrees and 6 degrees Monday 7 degrees 12 not sure if these are farenheight or centigrade, but it’s going to be a lot more mild with wind southerly or south westerly. The photographs show some of the areas visited today.


Second stretch

Third stretch

Fourth stretch

Fifth stretch

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