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15/08/2023 - Ian Catches Some Good Chub

Ian with his best fish of the session


Ian Chapman is a person who can truly be described as a top photographer, also in my book a genius when it comes to digital camera technology, who over the years has worked for most of the angling magazines. For many years he was the Anglers Mail top photographer, but also a very experienced angler, Ian and myself have over the years fished many waters together up and down the country. For the past couple of seasons we have fished together, experiencing some good sessions, a few days ago Ian joined my on the Ribble, Ian choosing to spend the session float fishing, while I freelined baits, unless I was using crust then I added some plasticine to get the bait down.


After a couple of hours or so I called Ian to see if he was catching, the answer was a positive “Yes several chub on float fished bread flake” An hour later I got a call to say he had a chub estimated as a very big 4lb fish. (See picture) After an hour, I told Ian I was going to have a brew. I’d not had a touch despite fishing several baits and covering a lot of water. It’s the first time I’ve not had a bite, so ended our session.


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