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14/09/2023 - The Wild Carp Trust

A true wild carp



I’m proud to say that I have become an honorary Vice President of The Wild Carp Trust. This registered charity was formed in 2021 to conserve the UK’s oldest strains of carp. Anglers call these fish ‘wildies’ and, remarkably, there are strains remaining from medieval times. The Wild Carp Trust is doing great work to ensure these rare fish thrive in their home waters, while creating protected conservation ponds to keep the gene pools intact and are helping to increase numbers of the fish via dedicated breeding programmes.

Already they’ve secured one famous strain of carp from high up in the Welsh mountains and, I understand, are close to conserving two more historic strains. In these days where ‘biggest is best ‘ in angling, it’s wonderful to know that anglers still care about the small original fish that were here long before the ‘king carp’ started setting records. If you’d like to join, donate, or volunteer to help the Wild Carp Trust, you can do so here: The charity would especially like to meet anyone who could help to source or care for conservation ponds, or supply fish rearing or transportation equipment.



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