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14/08/2014 - A Few Pots of Lone Angler Sausage Sizzle = Nine Good Chub

Last week I had three days fishing planned  on the River Wye, I fished just over an hour, due to abdominal pain I couldn’t settle so I spent the time cooking washing up and doing various jobs around the fishery also helping my friends with their fishing.  Today when I arrived on the River Ribble I found it perfect for both fly fishing with several nice trout rising to olives, but with the extra water and some colour the conditions for chub looked promising. After sweeping out the cabins and helping one of my new syndicate members with his salmon fishing I then chose to target the chub, I couldn’t have chosen a nicer day with the occasional heavy shower, long may they continue to keep the river at a good height.  As I sat looking down river a kingfisher flew low to the water as it passed me I thought how with its head forward and beak down it resemble a miniature Concord. A few caddis were hatching off which were quickly taken by the swallows as they hawked the water surface, occasionally the sun made an appearance and with the hum of insects the buzzing of bees and seeing several Banded damselflies, on six occasions I watched an Emperor dragonfly catching flies on the wing I doubt if I could have been in a better place on the planet.


                                                                                Time to Try for Chub


Having spent some time sitting on the bank I moved off to another stretch of river to target the chub, arriving at my chosen spot a wide bend in the river where the water was three to four feet deep flowing left to right over pea size gravel and marble size stones. Sitting on the bank upstream of a willow tree I started putting in a pigeon size ball of sausage sizzle every two or three minutes for twenty minutes perhaps half an hour. I then left the swim as I never start fishing right away leaving the swim quiet for about an hour, I made my way upstream to the car park and a welcome brew, as I waited for the kettle to boil I grabbed my chub rod from the back of the car adding a centre pin reel with 6lb breaking strain fluorocarbon line then threaded on a small rubber stop bead so should I need some weight it would be a piece of plastacine moulded around the bead a foot or so above the hook finally a size 4 Pallatrax barbless hook was tied on with a Polomar knot. In my bait bucket I added a box of hooks another box containing LG shots and other bits and pieces scales weigh bag and several pots of Lone Angler sausage sizzle paste towel half a loaf of bread and camera.


Having finished my tea I picked up the tackle bag then slinging it over my shoulder I collected my rod and landing net leaning against the car before making my way downstream  for about two hundred yards until I arrived at the willow tree at the head of the swim,  as I sat on the bank a good salmon rolled towards the far bank, a fish I estimated at about 12lbs an odd good trout could be seen taking flies off the surface. Baiting the size 4 hook with a pheasant size piece of sausage sizzle, the Wallis cast sent the baited hook out and upstream of my swim, as the bait trundled down the swim I carefully kept in contact with the bait. As it moved downstream I could feel it slowly bouncing along the bottom as the bait moved below me I lowered the rod then allowed the reel to give line as needed I suppose it went twenty yards with no sign of a fish I made a strike leaving the bait as a free offering, reeling in the slack line I baited with another chunk of paste then repeated the process. On my fifth cast I felt a take halfway down the swim, striking I felt the powerful surge as a fish move downstream taking line from the reel it then cut across the current towards a large bed of water crowfoot, pulling the rod to my right I forced the fish towards my bank as I did so I could feel the head shaking so reminiscent of a chub. After another two or three minutes I could see the white mouth and black tail, it looked a good fish lifting the rod I pulled the fish over the net. That’s a good four pounder I said to myself. On the scales it weight 4-10-0 I walked well upstream before releasing the fish which swam off strongly.


After three more casts I hooked another good fish which I estimated at 4lbs plus again released well upstream then I then had three good fish all estimated at 4lbs plus. Every time I caught a fish I threw a couple of free offerings into the swim. I had a quiet spell for ten minutes then hooked a very good fish, the reason I thought it was a better fish was the way it powered off downstream taking line against the drag and ratchet with ease. After a very spirited fight I started to win taking in line slowly drawing the fish upstream, suddenly it swirled on the surface. Sinking the net I drew the fish over the net then as I lifted the net I watched the fish get engulfed in the mesh.  It was mine and as I lifted the net I said to myself I reckon this could be a five pounder. Peering into the net I could see the hook in the scissors of the fish it was an easy job to ease the barbless hook out. I put the net in the water while I got scales and weigh bag out, after zeroing the scales I placed the fish in the bag  then watched the needle go round to 5lbs 6 ounces. Having put the fish in the net which was then placed in the water while I set up the camera. One quick shot was all I needed I then walked well upstream before releasing the fish.


Time for a brew and sandwich, leaving my gear in the swim I walked upstream with a spring in my step it had been a good session. As I sat waiting for the kettle to boil I glanced through the paper it seemed the people in Iraq were suffering far more than before Blair took us to war with a statement of lies. While he is making millions other are suffering. Thankfully the banks of my river are peaceful. As I was making my way back to the river my mate David turned up who  had been fishing downstream for salmon with nothing to show for his efforts, As he arrived I netted a good trout that had a liking for Lone Angler sausage sizzle, after casting out again we sat talking when I had a slack line bite the fish had picked up the bait then moved quickly upstream, a bite I shouldn’t miss but I did. After baiting with another big bit of paste I cast out within a minute I felt a take hooking into a good fish, David said “ That looks a good chub” I thought it could be a another five pounder. After a while I netted a good fish which did pull the scales just past the five pound mark buy about an ounce but we called it five pounds. After David shot a picture for me I watched another good fish swim off strongly.  In the next half hour I had two more good fish which I estimated at 4lbs plus. With the abdominal pains getting the better of me and needing some tablets which were at home I ended the session with a smile on my face. If you haven’t used sausage sizzle paste get some before your next trip. It’s not a new bait but fish still love it.

Chub 5lb 6 ounces

Chub 5lbs

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