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04/07/2013 - Sausage Sizzle Paste and Sticks


Recently had a 4 hour session on the River Ribble float fishing for chub , I suppose you could say I cheated a bit as I found the fish yesterday afternoon on my top beat where I’m the only person apart from my guest who can bait fish the stretch. I went down Sunday evening and fed in 5 sausage sizzle sticks broken into small pieces. Today when I got there I reckon there must have been 20 fish just cruising around. I dropped in two bits of sizzle and as they were sinking they disappeared. Back at the cabin I made up a fifteen foot float rod, centre pin reel I attached a float to take 6 AA shot then tied on a size 12 hook.


Back downstream to where the chub were shoaled up in the deep water above some rapids I run the float through a few times until I was happy with the depth, then baiting with sausage sizzle paste I cast out allowing the float to move through the swim, but holding it back hard so the bait just lightly tripped the bottom. It had gone about ten feet then buried  a chub abut three pounds. In the first ten trots through I had 10 fish, then a quiet spell so I went back to the cabin for a brew and some toast. Back at the swim I caught six more fish, then run out of paste. Back in the cabin I found some stale bread, but it didn’t work the same. I struggled for a bite, though I did catch 4 more chub. I reckon the best fish might have gone 4lbs but the average I would say was a good 3lbs. Two days later the fish had disappeared.



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