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13/01/2015 - Lone Angler Cheese Mania Paste

Food mixer with glug, spray, cheese mania and bread crumb


Several readers have called or emailed me asking how I make my paste for chub fishing, it seems their problem is the cheese paste ends up being too hard, I suggest the following for making a ball of paste, you need 2 or more tubs of Lone Angler Cheese Mania, some glug and spray of the same flavour. It’s wise to have some bread crumb, not always needed but good to have ready, I either put my tubs of Cheese Mania close to a radiator, or I give about thirty seconds in the microwave to make the paste soft, the paste is then put into the food processor then given a quick whisk to break the paste into pieces, it’s then given a quick spray of cheese mania, before whisking it into hopefully a paste. I then split the paste into sausage shapes pieces before dunking in the glug, the sausage shaped pieces are then kneaded until you have tangerine or bigger size balls of soft paste depending on number of pots used , sometimes I have to dip the bait into more glug before kneading again to get the soft sticky smelly paste I require. If it gets too soft add some breadcrumb. I hope this helps you catch more chub.








Tub of cheese mania

Cheese Mania ready for use

A simple rig that works

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