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06/03/2015 - Chub feed on Ocean Pride

You will find Ocean Pride in bags of Squabs and pots of Paste


The River Ribble looked in good form today, with the pain from planter fasciitis easing, I chose to have a couple of hours in between doing some habitat work on the river, I chose to fish a weir pool where in the past I’ve had some good catches of chub including three fish over 6lbs best at 6lb 7 ounces. I put together a chub rod, small fixed spool reel with 15 braided line to which I tied on a size 4 barbless hook, fifteen inches from the hook I moulded a piece of plastacine around a float stop then baited with a thumb nail size piece of Ocean Pride sprayed with the same flavour as the bait, then threaded four pieces of Ocean Pride paste on a length of PVA string which was fixed on the line above the plastacine. Within a couple of minutes of making my first cast I had a savage pull on the rod tip, striking I hooked a powerful fish which gave me a good workout taking me all over the weir pool, often in the white creamy water that was flowing very fast down the pool. Eventually I got a sight of the fish a good trout, no a big trout, which I eventually netted estimating the fish at around 5lbs which was quickly unhooked and released.

After a ten minute quiet spell I got another good pull on the rod tip hooking another nice fish a chub about 4lbs, in the next hour or so I had seven bites catching five good chub best at 4lbs 13 ounces. I then got a call from one of the bailiffs telling me two suspected poachers had just climbed over the fence at the bottom of the beat. Leaving my tackle on the bank I quickly got in my car then drove round to a track leading down to the bottom beat arriving at the same time as the poachers were getting across a stream. They didn’t expect to see me and were rather shocked to be asked for a permit, I got the usual question. We want to buy a day permit, knowing full well we don’t have day permits, I sent them on their way as they did so in crossing the stream, one slipped down the bank up to his waist in cold water, I don’t think they will be back. Returning to the weir pool I caught two more chub estimated at 3lbs, then I had to get back to my work. I had to cover a stile with some chicken wire, with the trout fishing starting on March 15th I wanted my syndicate members to feel happy when getting over the stiles. If you’re planning a trip out during the last week of the season why not get some Ocean Pride Squabs and paste? barbel also like this bait.

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