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29/05/2015 - Lone Angler bait is now Available

Sausage Sizzle and Cheese pastes along with the glugs,


Lone Angler bait is now Available

After some months of hard work and preparation Lone Angler working with John Baker who has a long pedigree in giving anglers top baits for their angling have come up with a whole new range of baits. No longer will I have to spend time making the paste baits suitable for use on the hook, these new baits are perfect, as I said to my wife, “We don’t need to make the kitchen smell of cheese or sausage sizzle”. Well done John Baker, you have certainly put a smile on this old guys face, I’m impressed, I now have a good paste bait for immediate use straight out of the packet. Roll on June 16th when I can get to use these bait, I have a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for these products, The glug is far better than the thick treacle we had before when you had a job on a cold day of getting it on the bait. Why not get in an order for these paste baits so you’re like me ready to capitalise on the bait by catching some good fish, but remember you mustn’t spook them as even this the best bait want help you catch them. See pic IMG 0956 Sausage Sizzle and Cheese pastes along with the glugs, which I reckon will do the business for me this coming season.Further details E-mail [email protected]

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