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26/11/2015 - New Technology

New Technology

We’ve been busy behind the scenes as well. Recent upgrades to the equipment in our rod shop have enabled us to take advantage of the latest, cutting-edge graphite composite materials, which — along with new rod designs — make our product launches for the 2016 tackle year especially exciting. The new materials not only bring marked advances in performance and durability, but our new process also enhances the feel of the blank, with an improved connection between angler and fly, for a rod that truly feels like an extension of the arm.


NEW ROD SERIES - The Spire Series heralds a return to the classic “T&T Blue” color, with our tough, translucent Low Friction Finish (LFF) that improves casting performance and looks great doing it. Available in several unique lengths, each with an action tuned to deliver high line speeds with less effort, these rods are designed to maximize performance and versatility. With an extended range of models, from a 7-1/2 foot 3 weight to a 10 foot 8 weight, there is a Spire capable of meeting the demands of any situation, from tiny mountain brooks to windswept estuaries.


The Aeros Series features a medium+ action perfect for presenting dry flies, but with the reserve power to fish a streamer or nymph when called for. The small diameter, iridescent moss-green blank is outfitted with traditionally styled hardware, spalted maple reel seat spacer, and is available in 8 foot, 8-1/2 foot and 9 foot lengths and line weights 3 through 5. Designed with the hard-core trout-aholic in mind, one of our field testers pronounced these rods “simply exquisite”.


For the angler that prefers to cast with both hands, we’ve added a trout-sized series for two-handed rods, the DNA TroutSpey. These rods allow trout anglers to cover the water like never before, making long casts with ease and mending line far beyond the capabilities of single-handed rods. With a traditional progressive taper that loads easily yet has the capacity to pick up a long line, the DNA TroutSpey brings a new dimension to swinging or skating flies for big trout on big water.


With these new rod series and other updates, it’s the perfect time to get a T&T in your hands and experience the magic yourself. We’re continuing to build our dealer network, and an improved online locator will help find the T&T Authorized Retailer nearest you. We are partnering with our dealers to host T&T Days across the country, where folks can meet representatives from the rod shop, ask questions and cast their rod of choice. And we’re expanding our show schedule to include more dates and locations, especially in the west.


For the T&T faithful, there’s never been a better time to connect with us and see what’s new. And for those who have yet to discover what makes a Thomas & Thomas rod so special, we feel confident that holding one in your hands is the first step to a new perspective on what a fly rod should be. Fly rods of uncompromising beauty and performance – in your hand and on the water.

The Spire Series

The Aeros Series

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