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02/01/2016 - Carp Now and Then Rod Hutchinson

Author Rod Hutchinson

For over 50 years Rod Hutchinson has been a carp angler, not just any carp angler, but one who has achieved great success in the sport, The first edition of Carp Now and Then was published as a soft back with a very limited number of books being printed, it soon become the book to have, copies changing hands at a greatly inflated price. I feel the success of the book was down to its author who had a knack of catching carp from many different waters, I believe Rod was one of the pioneers who fished Lac de St Cassien near Cannes in the south of France, his knowledge and writings on this water page166 make fascinating reading.

The chapter Tackle and Tactics is a well written with a lot of common-sense, covering close medium and long range fishing including fishing at extreme long rang, for carp anglers who have come into the sport over the past twenty years will find Rods writings ton witch bites most informative, it took me back to my carp fishing during the late 1960’s early 1970’s where I was often driven to frustration at the number of twitch bites I missed. Another interesting section in the book is the use of particle baits at Redmire, also re-reading Carp Now and Then has got me thinking about next season and catching carp once again. With so much good reading throughout the book, with limited space for a review I’ve only been able to pick out a few bits of interest for you the reader With 225 pages containing 35 chapters, there is plenty of interesting reading, if I’d a complaint it would be the size of the print to old guys like myself with poor eyesight. It’s certainly a book I can recommend Carp Now and Then 25th Anniversary Edition by Rod Hutchinson £32-95 Order by phone or for enquiries, call us on: +44 (0)7909 090 983


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