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29/09/2016 - Lone Angler landing net handle will do the job


Having been angling for over 70 years I’ve had a lot of landing net handles pass through my hands, apart from the Tonkin or Burma cane handles that I couldn't fault except their short length either 5 or 6 feet, the others handles have always left a lot to be desired. The alloy handles which were popular would often seize up just when you wanted to net a good fish. Fibreglass was usually far too fragile, a similar handle to the Lone Angler product become available a few years ago, but sadly after being used for a few months, it become difficult to extend. I purchased my first Lone Angler handle when they became available, it gave me good and faithful service with no problems, even when used in a saltwater environment it still done the job. Being unsteady on my feet I often trod on the handle but it wasn’t damaged. On a trip to the flooded River Ribble my net disappeared in the fast flowing water. I then borrowed a friends handle until I could replace the lost Lone Angler product, one day I got a bit light headed and dizzy then stood on the handle causing a big split making the handle useless. Having replaced my friends handle, I now have a new Lone Angler handle which will last me for the rest of my days, providing I don’t lose it E-mail [email protected]

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