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01/02/2017 - 6 Good Chub in a 3 hour session

My best chub at 5lb 3 ounces

I was up and about this morning around 0500 hrs, after checking the EA gauge to find 0.715 on the gauge I thought it could be good for a few chub especially if the water temperature had gone up from a low of 36degrees F, after a shower which I really hate as the water pounding my head really sets off the shingles, which causes me to feel unsteady but thankfully have a seat in my shower room. I then had some buttered toast with a mug of tea; it was a long wait for daylight. Eventually around 0830 hrs I felt comfortable in driving down to the river pulling into the car park around 0845 hrs. The river was flowing nice with about 18 inches of extra water, checking the water temperature I got a reading of 40 degrees F, "That will do for me" I thought, back at the car I put together a Chapman 500 matched with a centre pin with 6lb bs line to which I tied a size 4 barbless hook, nor sure where to fish I walked upstream to 'Holgate's swim' which I hadn't fished for some time. As I sat in the swim watching the water flow from left to right, I judged I would need 3 LG shot which I lightly pinched on the line 2 inches apart and some 18 inches from the hook, I then introduced eight pieces of Lone Angler sausage sizzle paste into the swim then sat back for around half an hour for the fish to settle.

Five Minutes Later the Rod Hooped Round

Moulding a pigeon eggs size lump of sausage sizzle around the hook I made a gentle underhand cast allowing the bait to swing in so it settled under an alder tree, as I sat watching and listening to the mewing of a buzzard, the rod was wrenched round, then sprung back immediately, "no chance with that fish" I said to myself as I wound in the tackle, I could see the imprint of the chubs lips on the paste. This time I moulded a large piece of paste around the top of the hook, but on the bend and point I flattened the paste to about a sixteenth of an inch, hoping this time if the fish made a grab then dashed off it would be hooked. Throwing in two more bits of paste I made a cast then worked the bait into the area where I'd had the snatch and grab bite, as I sat watching a kingfisher on the opposite bank I felt light pluck a minute later another small pluck followed by a steady pull a bite I couldn't miss, as the rod hooped over I allowed the reel to give some line as a good fish moved out to midstream, I doubt if there is a nicer sound than the ratchet of a centre pin as a fish takes line.

A few minutes later I netted a good chub which I thought might go 5lbs plus, on the scales it weighed 4lb 14 ounces, replacing the fish in the net I walked twenty or more yards upstream before releasing my prize, back in my swim I threw in some more bits of paste, before baiting the hook in the same fashion as I did the last time, then made a cast into the same area. I suppose fifteen minutes had gone by when I had a similar bite as before a light pluck followed by another small pluck before the rod pulled slowly round, I always reckon if you want to be consistent in catching chub you need a soft action rod. Another good fish was hooked, these winter chub do put up a good scrap when there is extra water on but soon the balanced tackle proved the winner as I netted a chub estimated at 4lbs plus, again it was released well upstream. Ten minute later I had another fish of similar size which was quickly returned. I then had about half an hour wait before I had my next fish a chub of similar size as the last one around 4lbs plus, this was quickly followed by a good fish which pulled the scales down to 4lb 12 ounces.

After a brew with a piece of bread pudding made by chef Anthony Morris I was ready to start again, having cast out another piece of sausage sizzle paste I sat back in the warm sunshine feeling happy in my quest for chub, as I sat watching the rod tip I spotted a small flock of green plover often known as lapwings and peewits, the flying display of these birds is something once seen is never forgotten, back in the 1950'60's there were large flocks but sadly modern farming methods have decimated this delightful wading bird. After the flock had disappeared I noticed a light pluck on the line picking up the rod I felt a determined pull then set the hook into a good fish which once again moved out into the flow taking line off the reel after several minutes I had the fish coming towards the net, then I got my first glimpse of the fish, another good chub which I thought was my best fish so far, eventually it was in the net, laying the net in the water I set up the scales and weigh bag before lifting the net onto the mat, then quickly moved the fish into the weigh bag then on the scales getting a reading of 5lb 3 ounces "That will do for me" I said to myself. Laying the fish back in the net which as placed in the water while I set up the camera, after a quick picture the fish was returned. Ten minutes later I had another good 4lb fish. After an hour with no more bites and with my right eye causing problems I packed up and headed off home after a greet morning session.








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