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05/02/2017 - What I Thought Were Good Fish Catching Conditions Proved Otherwise

My swim on Sunday

After my fish catching trip on Thursday to Christen my new Kennet Perfection, between then and today Sunday I’ve not had a fish despite very good river levels, a light wind that didn’t ruffle the trees also low light levels so I didn’t think I could fail, yes the water temperature has dropped 2 degrees from Thursday to Saturday giving me a reading of 42 degrees F today Sunday it was 40 degrees F, fishing Friday between 1500 hrs until 2200 hrs. I had 1 bite that was missed on flavoured meat, my friend Anthony had 1 bite on crust from a trout about 2lbs, Saturday fishing between 0900 hrs. Until 1500 hrs. No bites. Fished six swims with bread crust, flake, Lone Angler cheese and sausage sizzle paste even an air injected lobworm didn’t work, I went home feeling rather exasperated.


Today Sunday I fished another beat on the Ribble (pic of my swim) from 0830 hrs until 1300 hrs again no bites, though it was nice sitting beside the river watching buzzards, long tailed tits, the rooks were about in numbers, no doubt repairing their nests from last year or building a new one, a pair of robins appeared looking for food, in the back ground a wren was kicking up a right racket, I even had the pleasure of watching 4 roe deer at the water’s edge from no more than 30 feet away, flying across the river from the opposite bank were some twenty plus jackdaws no doubt heading towards a large barn at the back of a copse. Not having had a bite, I did at least think I would see at an odd trout feeding. As I was driving home I looked back at the past three days trying to think what I could have done to catch but could see no reason for my failure. Yes fish are strange creatures, but I will be back again tomorrow, I feel sorry for all those anglers who only get the chance to fish a couple of days a week where as I can and often do fish every day, I remember many of my friends who had retired long before me saying, “Wait until you retire, it can get boring” even today some tell me they are fed up being retired not having something to do. I have more than enough to do, tomorrow I will be back on the river with Phil Hough showing him how to use a centre pin reel including, trotting, laying on and stret pegging, when it gets dark we will pick a couple of swims and try to attempt to catch some chub until later in the evening.


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