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16/07/2017 - Back to Catching Chub

The first of my five chub

 I was up before the birds this morning having had a rough night with shingles, it's getting on for 16 months it looks as if I will have them for the rest of time, still could be worse. After a quick shower, a mug of tea I grabbed my tackle and bait bag, I chose a ten foot two piece cane rod with a soft action which I find ideal for chub fishing especially when the fish have been under pressure from other anglers, making them wary of anglers baits, if they can pick up a bait gently in their lips then move away without feeling resistance, one would often get from a carbon rod, they will feel more confident in pushing the bait from their lips so giving more positive bites, I have watched chub for around 70 years trying to understand their feeding habits, it's quite amazing the way they pick up and move away with the bait, I've seen chub pick up a bait in their lips move off several yards then drop the bait, if I'd attempted to strike the fish would just spit the bait out, that's a reason why the hair rig isn't an effective way to fish for chub, yes some do get caught by anglers fishing the bait on a hair but how many do they miss?

Opening the front door I was greeted by heavy rain, I was unable to see the surrounding hills, having backed the car from the garage I quickly put the gear in the back, switching on lights and wipers I was off to the river in the heavy rain. Pulling into the car park I quickly got into my waterproofs, then put together rod, reel, then threaded the line through the guides before tying on a size 4 barbless hook. Putting together landing net I chucked tackle and bait bag over my shoulder then headed off for the weir pool, sitting behind some reeds I lightly pinched on a BB shotsome six inches from the hook then moulded enough plasticine around the shot that I felt was needed then put in a handful of mashed bread and bran before baiting with a thumb size piece of crust, with an underhand cast I dropped the bait into the flow, after a couple of minutes I lifted the rod allowing the bait to move down the flow, I suppose ten minutes passed when the rod tip moved slowly round striking I connected with my first fish, which was soon coming towards the net, I do find many summer caught chub don't put up much of a struggle, a quick picture and the chub was released.In the next three hours I had four more chub and two trout. With the rain still sheeting down and feeling rather damp I decided enough was enough then headed back to the car park and home, but the effort had been worthwhile.

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