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20/07/2018 - Some River Wye clubs act responsible in protecting the aquatic environment.


River Wye Clubs Stop Fishing

Due to the continuing low river level and high water temperature affecting the river Wye, the Ross-on-Wye AC club committee has decided to cease all angling on our club's waters from Monday 23rd July until further notice. This includes the day-ticket fishing on the Town Water. This decision has not been taken lightly and has been made after consultation with the Environment Agency. The Hereford & District AA have also imposed a similar cessation of all angling on their waters as have a number of other fisheries. The club committee regrets any inconvenience to members, but we unanimously concluded that closing our waters for the time being is the only reasonable course of action to help minimise the stress of current river conditions on the fish and to help prevent unnecessary mortalities. We trust you will all support this decision.We will advise you immediately the decision is made to recommence fishing. Congratulations to everyone on stopping angling at these critical times.

At the time of writing the Wye & Usk Foundation have failed to act responsibly as regards the coarse fish stocks, yet they sent an email to all participating fishery owners last week to say they felt it was time to suspend salmon and trout fishing, they then asked the fishery owners if they agreed or disagreed. If its good enough for Salmon and Trout, why not for the coarse fish species? To me it STINKS, all fish should be treated the same in these difficult times for the aquatic environment.

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