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20/09/2018 - A Good Chub Session

New Stile


The past couple of days have been very busy on my river, today the weather was horrid with gale force wind, with torrential rain at times, there were times when I couldn’t see the wood on the opposite side of the meadow. Wrapped up in waterproofs I arrived very early, I then checked my mink and grey squirrel traps before I retired to the cabin joining Ted my senior bailiff for breakfast the previous two mornings we enjoyed cheese on toast with a good sprinkling of white pepper. Today it was eggs, beans and bacon with several rounds of buttered toast along with mugs of fresh tea or coffee. Breakfast finished

Ted went off to patrol the bottom beat checking permits if anyone was fishing in these conditions, looking for night lines and any damage to the fencing caused by cattle. While I finished building another stile, before fixing the planks in place I covered them with chicken wire to make them safe to walk on when wet. It was around 1300 hrs when I finished off the stile, time for lunch. After being out in the horrid weather I chose to have a boil in the bag meal of stew and dumplings.

Sunshine and Chub

Opening the cabin door after lunch I could see small areas of blue sky, but the wind seemed to have increased in strength, I decided to grab an hours fishing before visiting my dentist, I had a ‘Chevin’ all tackled up so chose to use it as time was limited, opening a can of Spam I cut it into six large pieces which were put in a plastic bag, in my small shoulder bag I had a camera, scales, bait and a towel, I also had a piece of sponge to sit on along with my landing net I was ready to go. I certainly got buffeted by the wind as I walked across the meadow, even the river had small white horses which are usually seen on a still water.

The only sheltered area was one I didn’t want to fish, in my chosen swim I had the wind directly in my face. Baiting with a chunk of meat I cast out towards the far bank the wind pushed a big bow in the line which I soon had under control, I tightened the line then thrust the rod tip under the water. About fifteen minutes later I had a light pluck followed by a determined pull, lifting the rod I set the hook into what felt like a good, fish after a few minutes I had the fish in the net, it looked as if it might go 5lbs, on the scales it weighed 4lb 12 ounces I was more than happy.

A Big Chub

Casting out again I repeated the process as previously then sat heron like willing for another fish, several minutes later I had fish number two, a chub of around 4lbs. Looking at my watch I reckon I had just about fifteen minutes left. Another big chunk of meat was cast out, I sat hunched over the rod, it was hard going with the wind strength increasing, just down river I heard the sound of a tree crashing down. A minute later I had a good pull, lifting the rod the tip was wrenched downwards as a fish shot off down river towards the rapids. Thankfully as usual with chub they go off with a determined run, then give up a bit, for some minutes it was a bit of give and take as I slowly worked the fish upstream against the fast flow, eventually I got my first glimpse of the fish, this time I really did think I might have got a five pound fish. Eventually it was in the net, the scales gave a reading of 5lb 9 ounces, I was more than happy, after a quick picture I eased the fish out of the net into the river, it was time to leave for the dentist.


5 lb 9 ounce chub

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