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12/01/2019 - Back on the water


Back on the Water

Having been laid up for nearly a week with a bad cold I was desperate to get back on the river, looking through the kitchen window, I could see it was a very still day with thick mist, ideal I thought for a few hours trotting for grayling and dace, even a chub might put in an appearance. After breakfast I collected a 13 foot rod to which I added a centre pin reel with 4lb line, the rest of my equipment was in the car. In the garage I had a pint of red gentles some 3 weeks old but still good. Arriving in the riverside car park I spotted three roe deer no more than thirty feet away, what a lovely sight they made, quietly opening the car door I moved away close to the hedgerow, I didn’t want to frighten these lovely animals, but rather let them move away naturally as they did some minutes later. Having put together rod reel line float and attached 3 AAA and a size 16 barbless hook, I was ready to go.

Trout Trout and More Trout

At the waterside I checked the water temperature getting a reading of 40 degrees F, I then run the float through the swim several time to get the depth right, fifteen minutes were spent putting in around half a dozen gentles every minute or so. Baiting with two gentles I cast well out and upstream then mended the line watching the float going nicely down the swim pulling line off the reel as it did so, two cast later I hooked my first fish some fifteen yards down the swim, straight away I realised it was a trout. I probably fished for about 3 hours trotting with gentles continually feeding half a dozen gentles every cast, but all I got was 1 grayling about a pound, and around 20 trout, in one session of 9 casts I had 9 fish, but I don’t really enjoy catching them, but did enjoy seeing the float keep disappearing, my feeding pattern worked well also several fish were caught around 30 yards downstream. Tomorrow I might fish a weir pool depending on how I feel.


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