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20/02/2019 - A great wild life picture from Tony Booker


Angler Tony Booker writes it was quite early in the morning  as l was doing some work on a local fishery, in the distance I could see flapping of wings, initially I thought it was a bird caught in fencing or brambles. I started to walk towards it, then suddenly thought "What it might be". As there had been evidence of scattered pigeon feather over the last couple of weeks where a Sparrow Hawk had been working the area, I guessed this might be another kill going on. I ran back to the car and got my camera, threw on a camo hoody and cap with face veil and set off toward the scene. It was a stealthy approach as I crawled through the undergrowth which got me close enough to get some decent shots, it was probably more like the Hawk was pre-occupied with his kill – perhaps a bit of both! I used a Panasonic GH4 100-400 lens and high ISO of 6400 if memory serves me correctly to allow a fast enough shutter speed.


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