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24/02/2019 - Youngsters first freshwater fish

Luke with his trout


15 year old Luke Pollard of Liverpool had his first day’s angling with dad Mike on Saturday hoping to catch some chub, weather conditions were not good with wall to wall sunshine, with a low clear River Ribble. Luke baited the size 6 barbless hook with 3 or 4 bits of luncheon meat with an LG shot stopped some 18 inches from the hook. Eventually he had a good bite on striking, he connected with not a chub but a 16 inch brown trout in very good condition which was quickly unhooked and returned safely to the water. Luke also lost several other fish, but with more experience he will be catching more fish and hopefully some chub next time out. English is his favourite subject at school, so no doubt he will be putting pen to paper and writing about his experience. Luke enjoys working with metal, he is currently building a suit of armour from beaten flat corrugated iron.


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