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05/06/2019 - 75th Anniversary of D Day Landings

Clitheroe War Memorial on D Day 2019

Thursday June 6th 1944 was the start of the battle to free Europe of the Nazi Scum, that so ruthlessly enslaved much of Europe. When the Allied invasion of France with men woman and equipment successfully broke through the Atlantic Wall, sadly many perished, so we today have our freedom. Since 1947 I have attended a War Memorial somewhere in the UK to pay my respect to all those who gave a their life were injured and lets not forget all those men and woman who won the victory for all of us, so today enjoy our freedom. As I have done for 72 years I will; attend my local War Memorial to lay a bunch of red roses and say “Thank you to all the Allied forces” Then spend a few quiet minutes thinking back to June 6th 1944. It would be nice if readers attended their local War Memorial on this 75th Anniversary

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