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29/06/2019 - Book Review - Dick Walker, The Legend by Peter J Murray

Pete Murray reading his copy of Dick Walker-The Legend


Martin James MBE and his fellow contributors have put together a book which more than justifies Dick Walker's title of legend in his contribution and legacy to the sport of angling. The pages are packed with anecdotes, memories, photographs and experiences of meeting the great man himself by Martin and several of the contributors. The book paints a vivid picture of Dick (Richard) Walker as a truly extraordinary man.

More than a pioneer of modern methods of angling and the captor of the then record carp, it seems that the great man had many more talents to his name. It also transpires that Mr Walker always made time to correspond with his fast-growing army of angling fans, and is some cases to meet up with them, often becoming a friend and mentor. Modest and charismatic are adjectives frequently used to describe his character.

To those thousands of current anglers out there, whether they have heard of Dick Walker or not, Dick Walker the Legend should be read and enjoyed. If Dick Walker were to be looking at the pages over your shoulder, you can be sure he would be proud of what Martin James has created in his name. .



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