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12/10/2019 - Liquidised worms are not a new idea

Jar of pickled worms


On page 245 Coarse Fish Angling By J W Martin He writes Another man mixed his paste with what he called “oil of worms” this was simple a dozen large lobworms corked up in a glass jar and set in the sun until they dissolved into a thick liquid this was written in 1908. I’m still today stuffing worms into jars until they turn to a thick liquid, which really does come into its own during the Autumn and Winter when the water is coloured. It’s impossible to say how many good perch chub barbel roach and bream I have caught through using the idea, I have written extensively about it in Dick Walker - The Legend Martin James MBE & Friends. It wasn’t my idea in the beginning but Dick’s in one of his Walker Pitch features in Angling Times. As we often say “There is nothing new in angling”


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I use a small piece of fine netting over the mouth of the jar

Ready to go I leave the jar in the swim for a couple of minutes to allow the scent to go downstream, I also use some of the liquid in ground bait

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