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05/11/2013 - Thomas & Thomas Announce SOLAR Series of Fast Action Saltwater Fly Rods


 Greenfield, MA – November 1st, 2013. USA fly rod maker, Thomas & Thomas is pleased to announce the launch of its SOLAR series of fast action saltwater rods, for the 2014 season.

Key Features:

-      Fast action, high modulus, clear graphite blank with ridged topography for enhanced shootability

-      Black anodized, milled aluminum, up-locking reel seat with Thomas & Thomas roll stamp

-      Titanium Silicon Carbide and Smoked RECoil guides

-      Black silk wraps with sky blue trim wraps

-      Premium full wells cork grip with black rubber winding check

-      Black aluminum rod tube and tan rod bag with stiffener

-      Made one at a time in USA by craftsmen

The SOLAR series is comprised of seven, four piece models, 906-4, 907-4, 908-4, 909-4, 910-4, 911-4, 912-4 with prices starting at $800 and will be available at fly shops and online at from November 1, 2013.


The culmination of two years of R&D on the competitive saltwater fly fishing circuit, working with some of the best guides in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, the SOLAR series is our flagship saltwater rod. Success in saltwater fly fishing is determined by an ability to see things clearly and focus upon the minute details, that together make the difference between a successful hook up or a missed shot. So it is with your choice of fly rod


With SOLAR we developed an immensely powerful rod and then reined it back a little so that it is dialed for optimum performance at 45’ to 65’. All the top tournament guides agree that this is the ‘zone’. At these distances accuracy is enhanced and the reaction of the fish is visible. Sure the SOLAR can throw an entire fly line for a ‘Hail Mary’. But it is dialed for the zone, strong enough in the tip to pick up and recast heavily weighted flies at these distances and possesses the butt power to fight the fish close to the strength limits of IGFA tippets. At Thomas & Thomas, we focus not just on creating ‘casting rods’, but on perfecting ‘catching’ rods. The SOLAR embodies this spirit and represents a new standard for fly rods engineered specifically for the flats.


Commenting on the new SOLAR series Mark Richens said, “We’re particularly proud of the new SOLAR saltwater series. Having a base in Islamorada, FL has enabled us to work closely with the best of the best to really perfect these actions. I can’t imagine any rod that has been so stringently field tested as these rods. If the wider fly fishing community likes these rods as much as our field testers, SOLAR should quickly become recognized as the de facto standard for the flats.”

About Thomas & Thomas:

Born in 1969, of an obsession to create the world’s finest fly rods, Thomas & Thomas strives to set the standard for craftsmanship, performance and aesthetics in rodmaking. From a small shop in rural New England, Thomas & Thomas builds timeless classics from bamboo and fiberglass and modern masterpieces incorporating the latest graphite technologies.

For more information please visit or contact Trevor Bross on +1 413 475 3840 or [email protected].

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