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20/12/2013 - Chub Love Lone Angler Sausage Sizzle flavour

I couldn't have chosen a more horrid day to try and catch a few chub, during the night gale force winds ravished the Ribble Valley with hail stone and icy cold rain, many house were without power. When I arrived on the River Ribble is was windswept and a muddy colour water temperature was 42 degrees F down from 45 degrees the day before. Not the conditions I was looking for, I only one choice of swim and that had to be close to the car not being able to walk any further down the bank through my MS giving me problems but I was determined to fish. Being unsteady on my legs I found the wet muddy bank the biggest problem but after a very slow walk with my mate Dave carrying my gear I got safely to my swim where with a sigh of relief I sat down on my chair, then watched all kinds of rubbish float downstream. Tackle was quite simple soft Avon action rod I had designed many years ago, matched with a small Shimano reel 6lb line with a size 6 Pallatrax barbless hook. My bait would be Lone Angler sausage sizzle paste, sausage sizzle flavoured crust and cheese feast.

It's more years than I care to remember when Trefor West gave me a jar of sausage sizzle flavoured powder. Today Lone Angler have given us the flavour in a spray on bottle. All you need to do is cut up your crust size bait then place in a plastic bag, spray with sausage sizzle seal the bag then dump in the freezer until needed. I then take my baits from the freezer the night before going fishing.


The rain sheeted down lightning streaked across the sky in the distance followed by the low rumble of thunder, If it had moved closer then I would have packed up. It could be suicidal to fish with a carbon rod with lightning overhead. No fish is worth getting badly burn or killed. Switching from baits to baits I couldn't get a bite, though every ten minutes I had to bring in the tackle to clear the leaves. I wasn't prepared to call it a day until I'd spent a few hours trying. After about two hours the water started to drop, leaves become less of a problem as conditions improved. David had the first good bite as his rod tip was pulled down savagely, but sadly missed bait was sausage sizzle paste. I then had a savage take which I missed as I was watching a robin at the time. David "Called you have a bite" I was a week late on that one.


Finally as we were debating if we should call it a day as the temperature had plummeted, I noticed a tap n the rod tip followed by a good steady pull. After a five minute struggle between man and fish David netted what I thought was a five pound chub. On the scales it went 5-10-0 caught on sausage sizzle flavoured crust. Why don't you give this flavour ago? After a couple of pics we packed up rewarded for our persistence. I must thank David Foster without hm I wouldn't have got to the river and I doubt if I could have landed the fsh on my own or taken any pics.


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