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02/10/2021 - Boys first fishing trip

Oliver's first fish


Last week Matt Minter took Oliver his partners grandson fishing to a small lake in Norfolk, Matt set Oliver up with a simple float tackle with worms and sweetcorn as baits, using a little ground bait to attract a nice mix of species. His first fish was inevitably a small perch, followed by a dozen more before switching from worms to sweetcorn saw Oliver catch roach, Rudd, skimmer bream and two nice roach / bream hybrids of a couple of pounds. Oliver also caught a 4lb carp on the float, doing very well to land it on light tackle, he had two more carp to 10lb on a heavier rod I had chucked out down the edge to try and get him a bigger carp – altogether a success and Oliver is looking forward to his next trip. He learnt to cast very quickly progressing to baiting up and holding and returning his catch by the end of the day.


Oliver looks contented as he waits for the next bite

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