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21/01/2014 - Lone Angler Sausage Sizzle Paste was a Winner

On Monday morning I had a few hours fly fishing for grayling, catching

2 fish in a woven Polish nymph fishing a floating line with a 3 weight

glass fibre 8 foot rod, Conditions were good for grayling, clear water

bright sunny conditions. Back home for a late lunch I got a call from

a friend asking about chub fishing. I suggested we leave late in the

afternoon arriving as the sun got below 10 degrees. When the rivers

are low and clear I find it best to start as the sun goes down. When

Dave arrived the cloud was building up offering the chance of a chub

or two, perhaps even a barbel, in fact conditions were now looking

ourselves and the choice of swims with a water temperature of 42 degrees F.


We went off downstream about a hundred yards choosing to fish just

upstream of the shallow water flowing over gravel, with a deep channel

on the opposite bank. Dave chose to fish bread on the close in rod,

lobworm on the other rod fished in the deep channel. I fished twenty

yards upstream, Westie chub rod, fixed spool reel 6lb breaking strain

line, I was going to fish sausage sizzle paste on a size 6 hook with 1

LG shot wrapped in plastacine about fifteen inches from the hook. I

find the sausage sizzle paste a bit firm for pulling the hook through

when moulded on the hook. So I add some oil to the mix then knead it until I have a soft pliable paste.


I found I could cast upstream then roll the bait downstream along the

edge of the deep water, certainly confident I might get a few bites.

The first three plucks I missed, I decided to see if I could get a

better take by leaving it for a minute or so. It worked I got a

steady confident pull, connecting with a chub about 3lbs. I then had a

bite less session for about thirty minutes, then out of the blue the

rod slammed round, striking I was disappointed not to connect with a

The light was now fading fast, at the same time thick cloud arrived, I

could feel the air temperature rising conditions looked good. Ten

minutes later I hooked a good fish, as it went into the net I said to

myself "That might go five" it weighed 4-12-0 but it was lovely

looking chub fin and scale perfect. Sausage Sizzle paste had done the

trick again. Just after I had that chub, Dave had a barbel on paste.

After missing two more bites I got another chub about 3lbs. As quickly

as the cloud arrived so it disappeared leaving a clear sky, the

temperature plummeted. An hour later we were walking back to the car with frost forming on the grass.



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