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01/06/2022 - Brown trout on a Walker mayfly nymph


Another nice session on the river today, no wind, very warm sunshine, with a few olives coming off, I chose to fish a stretch half way down the beat. My tackle was an eight and a half foot fibre glass rod with a 4 weight floating line with a 12 foot tapered leader to a 2lb tippet. I started off by choosing to fish a size 16 Walker mayfly nymph.

I chose to fish sitting on the bank, watching for a rise. half an hour later I spotted the first rise, I didn’t cast, I waited about ten minutes for the second rise, then made a cast about thirty five feet allowing the nymph to plop quietly a foot upstream of the rise, it was immediately taken by a good brown trout, after a few powerful runs, I had the fish under control, eventually I netted a fish estimated around one and a half pounds neatly hooked in the scissors. In a three hour session sitting in the same spot, I ended with two and a half brace of trout. During my time sitting quietly on the bank, I was fortunate to see a three Roe deer, a doe with two young bucks, they didn’t seem bothered by me as they slowly passed me no more than twenty feet away. Twice a pair of kingfishers flew upstream, in the tall trees opposite a woodpecker was hammering away. It was great to be at the waterside and enjoy the wildlife.



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