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26/10/2022 - A Good Chub Fishing Session

My day started around 0800 hrs, which entailed collecting two large bin liners of rubbish, bottles, cans, plastic bags, dog poo bags etc, I get fed up with all those morons who throw their waste away. I then walked over a mile to the bottom beat, to clear some swims of brambles, cut back some willows etc, so members of the Grayling Society who I have allowed to have two days fishing next month, can hopefully enjoy their fishing. Finally I repaired some broken fencing, finishing around 1200 hrs. For lunch I had eggs, bacon, tomatoes with two slices of toast, along with a large mug of tea.

Angling Conditions Were Not Good

The river had over three feet of fast muddy looking water, heavy rain showers, the wind I reckon often gusting around 30 mph, to make matters worse there were lots of leaves both below and on the surface. I then put together an Avon action rod, fixed spool reel, then added two float stops on the line before tying on a size 8 hook. The idea of using float stops are I can mould plasticine around them, with plasticine as a weight it stops me losing lots of weights as the Ribble is very rocky in many areas. My baits were sausage meat bread and cheese paste, I also had some mashed bread to use as feed. Having put in five cricket size balls of mash, I sat watching the water flow by often with branches bottles etc. I was lucky to see a kingfisher, two roe deer, also a sparrow hawk hunting the far bank, where it was successful in getting its prey, sadly I didn’t have my camera.

It was just after 1300 hrs when I cast out a bit of crust, within five minutes the rod tip pulled firmly round, the answering strike connected with a powerful fish that ripped line off the reel, at first I thought I’d hooked a big trout, then the fish stayed deep, with some head shaking, I thought “This is a good chub, several minutes later I pulled a big chub over the net, saying to myself “That could be a six” out with scales zeroed them on a carrier bag, after moving the fish from net to bag I got a reading of 5 LBS 12 ounces, I was delighted to get such a fish under the current conditions. Sadly I’d left my camera at home, ten minutes later I had a big brown trout estimated at 3 lbs plus. After a fifteen minute spell with no more interest I moved the weight up the line to around fifteen inches from the hook then baited with sausage meat. In the next hour I had seven more chub averaging around 3lbs 8 ounces, all fighting fit chub in very good condition. If I’m not helping a salmon angler tomorrow I will be back targeting the chub again whatever the conditions, this time with my camera.




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