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12/12/2022 - A Short Session On The River

dabchick or little grebe

I have just got home from a short afternoon session, I was lucky to get offered a lift to the river this afternoon, a friend was going to Longridge to do a repair job, he knows if he passes the river I will always been interested to be dropped off and picked up on his return. It’s worth a bottle of wine as a thank you for such a trip. I was really surprised when I arrived on the river to see most of the ice had gone, though I shouldn’t have been, as its been quite nice day with temperatures above freezing, sunshine first half of morning, then thick cloud moved in.

Three Bites

Today I chose to fish a piece of crust, on a short two inch link as the water temperature was now 37 degrees F. I didn’t use any free offerings, my plan was to use a small piece of plasticine so I could slowly move the bait all over the swim in the hope it will come close to a fish. For some time nothing happened, but I did have the attraction of a dabchick that stayed in my area, along with a kingfisher that was fishing a small pool, looking across the river I could see snow covered Pendle hill, thinking “When the big thaw comes all that snow broth along with rubbish off the roads will end up in the river”

The fishing will no doubt be difficult for a few days when this happens, for about an hour and a half I had no sign of interest, just as the light started to fade around dusk, I got a light pluck, the strike connecting with a fish, which was soon netted a chub about a pound and a half, I was more than satisfied, casting out again I got another take within minutes, soon a similar size fish was netted, I said to know one in particular “I will have to make a move for my lift back home” I then got another fish of similar size as the previous two. Packing up I walked across the field onto the road then a mile later into a car park, I certainly had a spring in my step. After a wait of ten minute or so, Brian arrived, so ended a short but interesting session. I would love to have had a couple of hours in the dark. I might have to look at the possibility of getting a bus or taxi until I feel the roads are safe enough for me to use my E-moped.


Pendle Hill from the river

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