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06/11/2023 - Two Books I Can Recommend

Traditional Angling

A few weeks ago I was talking with a friend about the book “Wild Carp” by Fennel Hudson, published in 2020. Mark, also told me about another book written by Fennet titled “Traditional Angling” on Marks recommendation I ordered a copy to be sent to my daughter in Sussex, I could then read a few pages after dinner each evening, while the other members of the family watched TV which I have no interest in. Reading Traditional Angling has been a delightful joy, I loved every chapter from first to last while on holiday. If your losing your interest in angling, this book will reignite it, also give you lots of laughs at some of the antics described in the book. Fennel started life as a gardener in Berkshire, at a young age, he borrowed his landlady’s bicycle for the long ride Berkshire to Wiltshire a journey of 60 miles to fish with Chris Yates at the start of a new season . It’s a book I can certainly recommend.



While on the subject of books I can certainly recommend “Wild Carp” by Fennel Hudson, this book will keep you entranced for many evenings, it will make you realise the amount of work the Wild Carp Trust are putting in to preserve this species from centuries past. It has certainly reignited my interest in this historical species of carp, like no other book has done in years, in fact I have read it from cover to cover four times, each time I learn something new. My quest to find waters where there were wild carp, has been quite successful, though these are not big fish they do go off fast when hooked. So intense has my interest in protecting this species I have accepted the post of a Vice President of the Wild Carp Trust, I have also donated my E-moped which has about 500 miles use to the trust, to help there funds. The amount of work these men and woman have put in is amazing. For further details of the Wild Carp Trust click on link To order any of Fennel’s book e-mail address is [email protected]

The Wild Carp

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