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The Ribble Fisheries Consultive Association has always collated pollution incidents reported to it. For many years this was done by the RFCA Pollution Officer who pursued the EA on reported incidents and produced a report for every Council meeting. In the last two years the collation has been done by the RFCA app. For those people not yet familiar with the app you can download onto your smart phone. It is used to report poaching incidents, predation birds and redd counting. All of which the RFCA does. The following are pollution incidents reported.

March-Discharge from septic tank into R Calder -Heavily coloured discharge from Hyndburn Brook into R Calder.

April  Same as above -Same as above


-Bulldozer in R Calder. RFCA was not informed even though Fishery Officer had recommended this. EA argued it was flood defence there fore no need to consult. RFCA begs to differ and brought this up in quarterly meeting. This type of incident is a long-standing problem with certain aspects of the EA.

June -Pendle Water heavily discoloured through Barrowford. Source unknown.

-Siltation entering R Hodder from beck at Chaigley. Source unknown.


-Waddington Brook heavily discoloured and running into R Ribble. Found to be UU working on problem.

-R Hodder running very discoloured. Source unknown


-R Hodder heavily discoloured. Cause collapsed track near to Forestry workings.

-Brook into Hodder very milky. Source unknown.

-Hothersall incident, slurry in beck running into R Ribble. At least 5 dead salmon, 4 were large hen fish (2 bagged by EA) Numerous trout and coarse fish were found dead. Investigation is still proceeding.


-Beck below Grindleton Bridge running with foul smelling slurry. There was a fish kill and EA investigated but unable to find source.


-Pollution in beck running into Hodder. Source unknown.

-Widespread foam on surface of R Ribble. Source unknown.

-Mearley Brook entering Primrose Lodge discoloured. Believed to be pollution from tarmac settling pond. Mearley Brook is a serial polluter.

All but two of the above were classed as category 3 and 4 and therefore the EA will take no action. The two fish kills were category 1and were investigated. This is in line with EA policy. Sometimes the EA will go the further mile and look at some of the incidents reported by the RFCA, especially if serial incidents. This is one of the benefits of the app and the RFCA database.


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