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31/08/2014 - 6lb Chub

6lb Chub

As I couldn't do my parachute jump through bad weather I will now do it hopefully on Saturday 13th September so I invited Albert Procter to join me on the River Ribble so I could help him with his fly fishing. Having got Albert sorted out with new leader and fly pattern then explaining why I had chosen the fly,  a fish moved in the centre of the river still holding the rod I made a quick cast hooking a nice brown trout then handing the rod to Albert to bring the fish towards the net. Later in the day with the weather horrid for fly fishing I suggested we should try to catch some chub after an hour in the first swim with nothing we moved swims to a spot where early in the day I had put in six chicken egg size lumps of sausage sizzle paste. Within minutes of casting out a big chunk of sausage sizzle I had a bite which I missed I also missed the second bite which was taken on the drop.  After making another cast I sat holding the rod the line went slack striking I found myself hooked up to a good fish. In the net I said to Albert “This might be a six pounder” On the scales it was exactly six pounds. After some pictures by Albert we watched it swim off strongly. Half an hour later with no more bites we packed up, back at the cabin we had some tea and cake before leaving for home. Another success for Lone Angler Sausage Sizzle paste.


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